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"Wait for the Promise"

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Delivered By
Pastor Courts Jetton
Delivered On
February 11, 2024
Central Passage
Acts 1:4-8
Study of Acts

February 11, 2024 Morning Service

Scripture Passage:
Acts 1:4-8

Supporting Scriptures:
John 16:7-8
Luke 24:45
John 14:25-26
1 John 2:3-6
John 14:15-18
Matthew 28:19

 ‘I'm sick & tired of only reading about church history;
by the grace of God let's make some’   
                    -Leonard Ravenhill

Key Terms:
-The Promise;
-Spiritual Danger;
-Witness in Greek μάρτυς;

Application Questions:
-Do I have to understand everything?
-Do I have to obey everything?