About Us

Our Purpose
We exist for His Glory

  • It is the purpose of Main Street Baptist Church to Glorify God.

To Know God and to Make Him Known

  • As Main Street Baptist Church it is our mission to reach the lost of the world for Christ and to raise them up to be committed followers of Jesus. Living lives that bring glory to God.

It is OUR dream as Main Street Baptist Church that lives are restored from the darkness of despair and pain into the glorious light of a savior who relentlessly pursues us.

  • That men, women, and children all have a place to come and know Jesus, worship God, and serve Him.
  • That sin is defeated in individual lives and men, women, and children have every possible opportunity to excel in Christ.

It is OUR dream as Main Street Baptist Church that families are restored, that broken relationships, broken homes, and broken families are brought back from destruction and failure, to new and flourishing life.

  • That both the individual and church families are brought back together for the greater good of the family and the church.
  • That husbands love their wives as Christ loves his bride and would care for the spiritual needs of his household, raising his children up to know God and love Him.
  • That wives would love their husbands as the church glorifies and loves Christ.
  • That children are raised in loving homes and brought up to know and love God having intimately personal relationships with Jesus.
  • That all lives matter from conception until natural death to God and to us.
  • That families who are thriving and God centered would take on the responsibility of raising other children through fostering and adoption, so they too may have a chance to see the great love of the Father God, and that we as a church would support them in this life decision.

It is OUR dream as Main Street Baptist Church that community is restored in the family, the church, and the greater community of the world.

  • That we would stand alongside our community and not relent to the evil one, as we push back the darkness in Greenfield, Dade County, Missouri, the United States of America, and the World.
  • That the community of Main Street Baptist Church would reach far and wide and deep as we reach out to all people so that some may know the savior we love and serve.

Our dream, we believe God’s dream, for Main Street Baptist Church is to constantly be on the move as we reach the lost for Him and raise them up to bring glory to God.
We believe stagnation brings death and we commit to be alive.
We commit to be a church of prayer, always seeking the will of God and to live by faith not by sight.
We commit to be a church who refuses to stand silently in the face of evil.
We commit to love and cherish all human life.
We commit to be a church who loves the God we serve and to seek him out in all of our endeavors, as individuals, families, and as a church all for HIs Glory.